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Blending Brush

Blending Brush

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Applying self-tan just got a whole lot easier! After using our Luxury Tanning Glove for application on the body, then take your Body Blending Brush and glide over the Face, Chest, Hands, Knees & Elbows to achieve a flawless finish and a beautiful tan result.

Our FINISHING TOUCH BRUSH is a MUST HAVE in your Tanning Kit

Unbelievably smooth on the skin, glides like silk to provide the perfect finish

Our Finishing Touch Brush is used to:

Apply Tan easily and evenly to - Face, Neck, Chest, Hands & Feet. Smooth out creased edges/ lines on wrists & knees to produce a beautiful blended finish. Lightly glide over neck area behind ears, back of neck and hairline to blend or when bronzer trapped in creases. Gently blend feet and between toes (last)

In keeping with good hygiene practices ensure you wash your Finishing Touch Brush between tans using a brush cleanser and dry by allowing brush to stand. Do not leave brush soaking in water.